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Medication Disposal

Med-Safe Medication Drop Box

Please help Campus Health in the quest to keep our environment and our community safe from expired or unused medications. You can do your part by dropping your medications into the Med-Safe located just outside of the Campus Health Pharmacy.

NC State Campus Health received a grant from the Sustainability Fund and added a Med-Safe medication drop-box, just outside the Pharmacy. Campus Health wants to help students, faculty and staff do their part to protect our community and the environment.

Improper disposal of medications in the trash may lead to unintentional poisoning of children and pets. Additionally, these medications can break down in the landfill over time. This leachate seeps into the ground and can make its way to water, streams and rivers.

Medications flushed down the toilet make their way to the water treatment plants. Treatment plants are unable to filter out many medications. Water testing for the most common medications (birth control, antibiotics, anxiety and depression medications) show detectable levels in drinking water. Research has shown that aquatic life is affected by medications in the water. As a result, some mutations and aquatic deaths have occurred.

When you stop by the NC State Campus Health Pharmacy, bring your expired or unused medications with you and dispose of them safely in our Med-Safe box.