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Proof of Immunizations Requirements

North Carolina public law requires that you submit proof of your immunizations to the Campus Health Center within 30 days of class registration at NC State University. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services answers questions about college and university immunization requirements.

Records must be legible and include your name and date of birth on each page, the name of the official source providing the records (e.g. a doctor’s office or school), and must be written in English at the time of submission.

In addition, if you will be under the age of 18 on the first day of the semester, you must have a parent or guardian sign a Consent for Treatment form. This form can be found on our forms page.

*Enrollment in only online classes does not qualify you as a distance education student. As such, students whose classes are all online are still subject to the required immunization compliance. For questions or for special circumstances, please send a secure message to your immunization coordinator via the HealthPack Portal or call 919-513-4302. 

Obtaining Proof of Immunizations

Tracking down evidence of your immunizations can be challenging. If you or your parents do not have your immunization records, we suggest that you check with your personal physician, county health department, previous college or university or military branch. The NC Department of Health and Human Services has additional tips for tracking down your immunization record.

Many students find it easier to gather their own records because it saves them doctor’s office visits and associated fees. Some students are short a shot or two and will have to visit their doctors for shots anyway. If you are missing shots, please print the form and bring it with you to the doctor. Your doctor can then update the dates for your missing shots, then date, sign and stamp your form and forward the hard copy to the Campus Health Center Immunization Compliance office.

If you have no records at all, you’ll need to visit your healthcare provider to receive the required immunizations. Have your doctor provide you with a complete record that shows the date of your immunizations and mail, fax or hand-deliver a paper copy of the complete record to the Campus Health Center Immunization Compliance Office.

Tuberculosis Test for International Students and Non-U.S. Citizens

If you are either an international student or a non-U.S. citizen from a country in which there is a high risk for tuberculosis, (List of High-Risk Countries) you must have a tuberculosis test administered by an NC State University acceptable medical facility within the 12 months preceding the first day of classes. Testing can be in the form of a PPD (Tuberculin test) or blood test (Interferon Gamma Release Assay, “IGRA”). PPD readings must be stated in mm induration. A “nil” or “negative” result is not acceptable. Permanent residents in possession of green cards are exempt from the tuberculosis test requirement.

We do not accept the results of PPD tests or chest X-rays completed in medical facilities outside the United States. You may wait and have these test(s) done after you arrive at NC State University. Campus Health can perform a blood test (IGRA) to detect a tuberculosis bacteria infection. If you receive this test at the Campus Health Center and have health insurance coverage under the University-Sponsored Health Insurance Plan, your health insurance policy will cover the cost of the test if it is given after the effective insurance date. If you need this test done, please call 919-513-4302 to make an appointment once you are on campus.

Exceptions to North Carolina Immunization Regulations

Regulations do not apply to:

  • Students classified as “distance education” or “unclassified;”
  • Students registered in off-campus courses only;
  • Students attending night or weekend classes only; or
  • Students taking a course load of four (4) credit hours or fewer and residing off-campus.

Consequences for Not Providing Proof of Immunization

If a student does not provide proof of immunization, North Carolina public law requires NC State University to drop them from all classes. The re-enrollment fee is $150.