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Insurance and Charges

Affordable Health Care

Campus Health is able to provide affordable health care as a result of the tuition and fees package paid by students enrolled in on-campus classes. This eliminates charges for most office visits (regardless of what insurance you have) and allows the cost for care to be less expensive than most doctors’ offices in the Raleigh area. Some services such as women’s annual well visits, lab work, X-rays, physicals, immunizations, physical therapy and other treatments have charges.

While there may be charges associated with your visit to Campus Health, we believe that finances should not prevent students from getting necessary health care. If there are charges associated with your visit, you can pay on the day of your appointment or have your charges billed to your student account. We also will courtesy file for most insurance plans.  

Summer Fees

Currently-enrolled NC State students registered for on-campus classes and paying on-campus student fees are automatically eligible for services at Campus Health. Students that were enrolled in the Spring but are NOT enrolled in on-campus summer session classes may access Campus Health services by paying a fee of $60* per summer session. 

*This fee is not covered by insurance and does not include service charges (lab work, X-ray, etc.). It will automatically be charged to your student account once you check in for your appointment.

Accepted Insurances


Campus Health (not including the Pharmacy) is considered an in-network provider for most of following plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield (with the exception of Blue Local, Blue Home and Blue Select), UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), Cigna (with the exception of Psychiatry Service and the “Connect Network or SureFit”), Aetna (with the exception of Aetna Select, Aetna CVS plans, and Aetna HMOs), Medcost and United Health Care (with the exception of Psychiatry Service). As of December 2021, Campus Health is now considered an in-network provider for the following Medicaid Plans: Medicaid Direct, Healthy Blue and United Healthcare Community Plan. Student Health is also considered a “Non-Network Participating Provider” with Tricare. We are considered out-of-network for all other plans; check with your insurance carrier to find out your out-of-network benefits.

We are currently negotiating with other major health insurance plans for in-network status – check back soon!


For prescriptions, our pharmacy accepts over 200 outside insurance plans and will file prescription drug claims on your behalf with a current prescription card. You may contact the Pharmacy to ask if they accept your insurance plan at 919-515-5040.


Comprehensive dentistry services are available to students and employees from within the Campus Health Center located on Main Campus. As an NC State student or employee, you and your family have access to custom dental insurance. To learn more, click here. Once enrolled, you are covered up to $2,000 for over 200+ dental procedures and pay $0.00 out of pocket at the Campus Smiles dental clinic on campus.

How to Use Your Insurance at Campus Health

It is your responsibility to provide the Insurance Department with your most current health insurance card. This is necessary for Campus Health to be able to process any charges, on your behalf, to your insurance plan as well as for any referral needs you may have. You may enter your insurance information at check-in or upload a copy of your card to your Healthy Pack Portal. For prescriptions, you will need to provide your insurance information to the pharmacy.

As a benefit to you, charges not covered by your tuition and fees package will automatically be submitted to your insurance plan, provided we have your insurance information on file. After payment is received from your insurance provider or 30 days, any remaining balance will be sent to your student account. Campus Health cannot courtesy file charges to any out-of-state or out-of-network Medicaid, Medicare, or plans from health insurance companies based outside of the United States.

You should always check with your insurance plan before receiving care.

Please contact the Student Health Insurance Office if you have any questions at: or 919-515-2563

Services Provided By a Specialty Provider

Campus Health offers services provided by specialty clinics such as Gastroenterology provided by North Raleigh Gastroenterology and Dental Services provided by Campus Smiles. These clinics file consultation charges through their office which means deductibles, co-pays and co-insurances may apply even for SHIP. Please check with your insurance carrier regarding benefits prior to making an appointment.

Lab work and/or X-rays, ordered by a Specialty Provider and done here at Campus Health, will be billed through Campus Health.


To protect your privacy, we will not post medical details on your student account. We will give you an itemized statement upon request. When you use your health insurance, the policyholder (the main person on the health insurance plan) may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from the insurance company. The EOB lists the services you received, how much the insurance paid, and the amount (if any) that you are responsible for. You can decide at each appointment whether to use your insurance for that visit. If you elect not to use your insurance, you will need to notify the nurse and/or provider at the time of your service.