All other appointments can be made by calling our main number 919-515-2563.

Student Health is not accepting walk-ins at this time.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a frequent patient, making an appointment at Student Health Services is easy.

Primary Care Appointments

All students are assigned to a patient-centered care team in our Primary Care Clinic. To schedule an appointment with a provider in your medical team please call 919.515.2563.  We reserve a few appointments each day for students who develop severe illness or injury.

 To schedule a Primary Care appointment at our main campus clinic please call 919.515.2563.

Click here for more information on Student Health Services Centennial.

Gynecology Services Appointments

Routine office visits and well-woman visits should be scheduled by calling our main number 919-515-2563.  Should you need a procedure such as a colposcopy, IUD insertion, or endometrial biopsy, call 919-515-2563 to schedule.

Allergy Injections

To schedule allergy injections you must call 919-515-2563.  It is encouraged, if you have a recurring schedule of allergy injections, to make all your allergy appointments for the full semester. You will be sent a reminder prior to each appointment.

Travel Clinic Appointments

The travel clinic process should start 6-8 weeks prior to your departure date.  Click here to start the process.

Physical Therapy Appointments

Student Health Services Location

To make your first physical therapy appointment, please call 919.513.3260. You must have a referral for physical therapy before being seen. The referral can come from a doctor at the Student Health Center, your private physician, or a specialist.

Centennial Health Services Location

Physical Therapy’s Centennial Health Services office is now open. Call 919.513.3260 to schedule all appointments and indicate that you would like for your appointment to be on Centennial Campus. The services offered are the same as those at Student Health Services.

Appointments are available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. For more information about hours, click here.

Nutrition Counseling Appointments

You can make an appointment by calling 919.515.2563.

Nutrition Counseling is also available on Centennial Campus. When making an appointment, please note if you would like for it to take place at our Centennial location.

Dental Appointments

Student Health Services is contracted with Campus Smiles, who provide dental care to students, faculty, and staff! To make a dental appointment call 919.515.8979. Campus Smiles has two locations, one at Student Health Services and one on Centennial Campus at Wolf Ridge Plaza Hall.

STI Testing Appointments

Student Health offers confidential HIV and STI testing by appointment during normal business hours both in our General Medicine clinic and our Women’s Health Clinic. To make an appointment for HIV or other STI testing, call 919.515.2563 and select option 2. The appointment coordinator can discuss testing options with you.

*Wake County Human Services (WCHS) is not offering HIV and STI testing at Student Health Services (SHS) for the Fall 2020 semester. Students will still have access to testing through an appointment with SHS. If interested in anonymous testing through Wake County, please contact the Wake County HIV/STD Community Program at (919) 250-4410 or click HERE for more details.

Missed and Late Appointments

If you are unable to make your appointment, please call us at 919.515.2563. Student Health Services charges $25 to your student account for missed appointments or if you do not cancel within the 2-hour window prior to your appointment.   If you are late for your appointment you will be asked to reschedule and will be charged a $25 fee to your student account.

Spring 2021 Student Health Services Orientation Checklist

Welcome to NC State! We hope that your time here will be healthy, happy and always intellectually stimulating. The following information about immunization requirements, health insurance, health fees, forms, and services that we provide may

Cooking with the Pack

Student Health Services and Feed the Pack Pantry are partnering together to offer a meal kit with cooking class for students staying on or near campus this month. During the week of Dec. 7th -11th

Winter Break Guide

Congratulations on completing another semester! As we conclude this semester many of you will be traveling over the winter break. We’ve included guidance on ways to safe as you travel and certain actions you should