Physical Therapy

*Telehealth Physical Therapy appointments are now available. For more information or to schedule a telehealth appointment please call 919.513.3260

About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy uses specific exercises and equipment to help people improve strength and movement, particularly after an illness or injury.

As highly trained professionals, physical therapists can teach you to prevent or manage musculoskeletal injuries, acute or chronic pain, limited motion, or weakness so that you’ll receive long‐term health benefits.

Common problems that bring students to physical therapy include:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Sports‐related injuries
  • Care after surgery
  • Repetitive motion injuries

Physical Therapy Can Help You

Physical therapy can help you heal faster after surgery, illness, or an accident by improving your mobility and quality of life. In many cases it allows you to avoid surgery or prescription drugs.

Physical therapy can help a variety of injuries and conditions, including:

  • Sprain, strain, or fracture of ankle or knee
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction
  • Neck, back, or shoulder pain
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Surgery
  • Wrist and hand repetitive use
  • Other fractures, sprains, or strains
  • Plantar fasciitis

Specialty Areas

The Student Health Center’s three physical therapists were required to complete graduate degrees from accredited physical therapist programs before taking the national licensure examination that allows them to practice.

Robbye Brooks, P.T., OCS, and Donna Rich, P.T.,OCS are certified orthopedic clinical specialists (OCSs) in physical therapy through the American Physical Therapy Association. Clinical specialization requires knowledge, skill, and experience exceeding that of the physical therapist at entry to the profession and unique to the specialized area of practice. Currently, only 14,300 therapists in the United States hold this distinction and only 389 in North Carolina.

We also have 3 Certified Dry Needling Practitioners:  Robbye Brooks, P.T., OCS,  Alison Maskell, PT, DPT, and Jaime Scrivani, PT, OCS

In addition to treating orthopedic patients, Alison Maskell, D.P.T., treats women with pelvic floor dysfunction. Some common diagnoses she treats include pelvic pain, vaginismus, vulvodynia, and urinary incontinence.

Eligibility for Physical Therapy at Student Health

If you’re a student and you have a prescription less than 30 days old, you’re eligible for physical therapy services. We’ll bill each visit to your insurance company and what remains will be billed to your student account. The University‐sponsored health insurance plan covers 100 percent of the cost of physical therapy, but visit maximums still apply. Student Health PT is considered an in-network provider for the following plans:  Blue Cross Blue Shield (with the exception of the Blue Local , Blue Home, and Blue Select), Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), Cigna (with the exception of the “Connect Network” or “Sure Fit”) Aetna ( with the exception of Aetna Select), Medcost, and United Health Care.  Student Health is also considered a “Non-Network Participating Provider” with Tricare.  We are considered out-of-network for all other plans. Other insurance plans will reimburse you according to their out‐of‐network fees. Check with your insurance carrier for reimbursement information.

How to Make an Appointment

Please call us at 919.513.3260 to make your first appointment. You can schedule subsequent appointments by calling 919.513.3260 or via HealthyPackPortal

What should I expect during a visit?

During your first visit, your physical therapist will evaluate you. He or she will identify the problem areas and determine a specific treatment program to help you move better, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. Your physical therapist can also help you prevent the loss of mobility and motion by developing a fitness‐ and wellness‐oriented program tailored to your specific needs.

An initial evaluation usually takes 60 minutes. Your physical therapist will schedule follow‐up visits of approximately 30-60 minutes as appropriate.

Please wear or bring clothing to each session that will allow us to easily examine and treat your injured area.

If you have other questions about the physical therapy program at NC State University, please email

Centennial Health Services Physical Therapy

Take a tour of our Centennial Physical Therapy office by clicking here.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Call 919.513.3260 to schedule all appointments and indicate that you would like for your appointment to be on Centennial Campus.

Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


The services offered are the same as those at Student Health Services Main Campus.


Plaza Hall Wolf Ridge Building 2

1940 Entrepreneur Drive

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Informational Videos

Got Low Back Pain?

The physical therapy department is available to teach a class geared toward students who have less serious low back pain with no specific injury.  The goal of the class is to educate students on how to care for themselves during this and any future episodes of back pain. Our presentation is now available online! You can view the Low Back Pain Class here.

Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Do your neck and shoulders ever get sore after being on your laptop or phone for too long? This video will guide you through different exercises that you can start doing today to help relieve neck pain. Click here to learn how.

How to properly wear your backpack

Is your backpack weighing you down? Avoid pain and strain by learning how to properly wear your backpack. Click here to learn how.

What is tech neck?

Do you have pain and stiffness that follows spending too much time on a computer, tablet or phone? You may have tech neck. Click here to learn techniques on how to avoid tech neck. 

Studying at home? Taking online classes?

If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, in front of a computer studying, or taking virtual classes, click here to learn more about desk and computer ergonomics.

Easton Osborn, PT, DPT, CLT, CES

Physical Therapist About Easton Easton Osborn joined the NC State Health Center in January 2022. He attended Daemen College in Buffalo, NY where he earned his Bachelors of Natural Science in 2014 and his Doctor

Tyler Pearce, MPH

Assistant Director of Community Health About Tyler Pearce Tyler joined Student Health Services in 2021 as the Assistant Director for community health and preparedness. He received his Bachelor Degree in Public Health and Master of Public

STI Express

Screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is important for anyone who is sexually active. Primary Care at Student Health offers STI testing for students. STI tests include blood tests for HIV and syphilis and swabs

Medication Disposal

We propose that you dispose of your expired and unused medications in Med-Safe! Med-Safe Medication Drop Box Please help Student Health Services in the quest to keep our environment and our community safe from expired