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ADD/ADHD Management

We do not diagnose ADD/ADHD. You must have obtained a formal diagnosis before Campus Health can help you monitor your condition and refill your ADD/ADHD medication.

If You Have Been Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD

If an ADD/ADHD specialist, psychiatrist or psychologist has diagnosed you with ADD/ADHD and you wish to obtain or continue treatment at Campus Health, you will need to provide one of the following:

  • A copy of your medical records confirming your ADD/ADHD diagnosis and your ADD/ADHD diagnostic testing performed by a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other ADHD diagnosing specialist to Campus Health prior to your first appointment
  • Verification of your ADD/ADHD diagnosis by a psychiatrist through letters or office visit notes containing this information.

This documentation must be sent to Campus Health and reviewed for eligibility by the Campus Health team prior to your first appointment. Documentation of your diagnosis should be faxed to Campus Health directly at 888-972-4151 by the ADD/ADHD diagnosing specialist OR uploaded directly into your HealthyPack Portal. Please note that a diagnosis made by a primary care provider will not be acceptable evidence of an ADD/ADHD diagnosis. If you are already taking ADD/ADHD medication, please ask your prescribing physician to fax your recent records and any other pertinent information to us.

Once your documentation is reviewed by the Campus Health team, you will receive a message through Healthy Pack Portal to tell you if you are eligible. If you are told that you are eligible, please call 919-515-2563 to schedule your first appointment. 


Please be advised that some students with the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD may not qualify for treatment at Campus Health, including patients on non-standard ADD/ADHD medication doses, patients with a history of substance abuse, and patients with complicated, chronic medical or neuropsychological conditions.

If You Have Not Been Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD

Campus Health does not diagnose ADD/ADHD. If you believe you have ADD/ADHD, you will need to have a formal diagnostic test by an ADD/ADHD specialist to verify your condition. Only after you have obtained a formal diagnosis may you see a health care provider at Campus Health for monitoring and medication refills. If you have not had the formal test, we can refer you to providers in the area who diagnose ADD/ADHD, but you should check with your insurance company to make sure your insurance policy covers ADD/ADHD testing. ADD/ADHD diagnostic tests can be both time-consuming and costly, but it is important to have the correct diagnosis before starting any medication.

Academic Assistance for Students Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD

Students who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD may qualify for testing accommodations and other academic assistance. Please see the Disability Resource Office’s (DRO) website to learn more about such accommodations.

Checklist for ADD/ADHD Treatment at Campus Health:

  1. Have your ADD/ADHD diagnosing specialist fax the results of any testing you have completed to 888-972-4151 OR upload directly to your HealthyPack Portal.
  2. Have your prescribing physician or provider fax your latest medication records to 888-972-4151 OR upload directly to your HealthyPack Portal.
  3. Review the DRO website and follow their instructions for obtaining academic accommodations.