Supporting the Transition from Military Life to College Life

Students experience many new and often challenging circumstances upon entering college for the first time. While this transition can be hard for anyone to make, those coming to college from the military may encounter some unique adjustment issues. Among many reasons, the military is a highly structured and disciplined environment while college offers much more flexibility in terms of a daily schedule and additional free time. Given the dissimilarity between the two lifestyles, it can’t be easy to switch roles and fully acclimate to college life. However, as a result of their military training and experience, these students have a valuable skill set that gives them an incredible work ethic and the capacity to be very focused on doing what it takes to get a job done. The skills they’ve acquired through their time in the service can be an asset in meeting the demands of being a college student.

To assist active-duty military students and veterans in meeting these demands, there are helpful resources on campus such as Veteran’s Affairs as well as the Counseling Center whose staff work to make the transition from military life to college life easier for students. Noah Martinson, Staff Counselor in the Student Health Center, states that “it’s important for students coming from the military to be proactive about their health needs and be comfortable enough to reach out for help and take advantage of the resources that are here for them.” Counseling is provided in the Counseling Center and in addition, the Raleigh Vet Center offers an OEF/OIF/GWOT Transition Assistance Group that meets in the Student Health Center. For more information, contact the Counseling Center.

Because we value and appreciate what our student veterans have done for our country, it is important for the campus and the community to work together to create an understanding and supportive environment that acknowledges and honors these individuals. Thank you to all of the military men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving this country and defending our freedom.

For more information, please visit the links provided below.

Campus Resources:

Counseling Center, Student Health Center 2nd Floor

Veterans Affairs assists Veterans and Service-Dependents with their GI Bill benefits and additional networking opportunities

NC State Student Veterans is a student group on campus. For more information on joining, contact:

Local Resources:

Department of Veteran’s Affairs Raleigh Vet Center provides counseling and additional services to Raleigh-area Vets

National Resources:

Military Mental Health provides self-assessment and resources for those associated with the military.