Student Health Now Has Patient-Centered Team-Based Primary Care.

This means each student has a trusted care team within Student Health to provide continuous and comprehensive care.  NC State has three medical teams. The teams are designated by wolf names and consist of the Arctic Wolf Team, Gray Wolf Team, and Red Wolf Team. Students are assigned to medical teams by their birth month.

Students are assigned a primary care medical team by their birth month.

Birthdays January – April Birthdays May – August Birthdays September – December

To confirm your assigned Medical Team you can access the HealthyPack Portal. Your team will be displayed on the appointment tab screen.

What is a Patient-Centered Medical Team?

A Patient-Centered Medical Team is a team of providers (physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified medical assistants) who work together to provide healthcare based on an ongoing, trusted partnership between the team and a patient.  Whatever the medical need – preventative and wellness care, acute care or chronic care – the patient has a dedicated team where quality, comprehensive care is provided.

What can your Patient-Centered Medical Team do for you:

  • Take care of your short term illnesses, injuries and long term chronic diseases
  • Listen to your concerns and medical history
  • Respect you as an individual.  We will not make judgments based on gender, age, race, sexual orientation or disability
  • Help you on your wellness journey by giving you easy to understand information
  • Notify you of test results in a timely manner
  • Help coordinate care with specialty doctors if needed
  • Improve your care by using electronic health records

As your Medical Home, we trust you to:

  • Tell us what you know about your health and illnesses
  • Tell us all medications and supplements, prescribed and over-the-counter, you are taking, at each appointment
  • Let us know when you see other health care providers and ask them to send us a report about your care
  • Keep your appointments with us or call to reschedule or cancel
  • Notify us if you do not receive your test results with in 2 weeks
  • Learn about your insurance and what it covers
  • Learn about wellness and how to stay healthy
  • Give us feedback to help us improve our services by completing our e-survey

To schedule an appointment with a provider in your medical team log into our HealthyPack Portal or call 919.515.2563.