Our Team

Primary Care

Mary Bengtson, M.D. – Physician

Alison Brim, ANP-BC – Adult Nurse Practitioner

Carolyn Garrett-Piggott, M.D. –  Physician

Helen Maureen Hession, FNP-BC – Family Nurse Practitioner

Scott McGeary, M.D – Physician

Sarah Roberson, PA-C – Physician Assistant, Certified

Catherine Vinzani, FNP-BC – Family Nurse Practitioner

Lynne Wirth, M.D. –  Physician

Michael Shannon, FNP-BC – Nurse Practitioner

Nzingha White, DO, MPH – Physician

Lydia Abair, ACPCNP-BC – Nurse Practitioner

Posie Belden, NP-C – Nurse Practitioner

Women’s Health

Tanya Stevens, FNP-BC – Family Nurse Practitioner

Tara Conti, FNP-BC – Family Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified


Ashley Pinet, RD, LDN, CDE – Registered Dietitian

Suha Najjar, RD, LDN – Registered Dietitian

Sooyoung Uhm, RD, LDN – Registered Dietitian


Rebecca Otto, MSCR, PharmD – Assistant Director, Pharmacy

Joy Bataille, R.Ph – Pharmacist

Lauren Watkins, PharmD, MBA, CPP – Pharmacist

Michelle Yardley, PharmD, RPh, CPP – Pharmacist

Physical Therapy

Robbye Brooks, P.T., OCS – Director, Physical Therapy Department

Alison Maskell, P.T., DPT – Physical Therapist

Donna Rich, P.T., OCS – Physical Therapist

Becky Glendy, P.T – Physical Therapist


Julie Casani, M.D., MPH – Director and Medical Director

Heather Spencer, MHA – Associate Director

Cathy Higginbotham, RN, BSN, MHA– Associate Director of Nursing


Heather Lawson, CHES – Outreach & Student Engagement Coordinator