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Resident Advisor Resources

Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Education RA Programming

The Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Education department created this PowerPoint as a resource for Resident Advisors. These slides can be shared with your residents via email or you can print the slides out and use them on your hall bulletin boards. Click the link above to download.

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Pre-PACKaged Programs

Engaging and interactive programs designed to be delivered by RA’s or Student Leaders. We provide you with all the materials needed to provide residents or student groups with a hands-on learning experience. 

The Challenge

This interactive program was designed to challenge students’ knowledge of sexual health against their peers. Students will answer questions and can challenge their opponents to Physical Challenges, where the questions get a little harder and the stakes of the game rise. Even though there can only be one winning team, everybody wins because the students will leave with information about safer sexual activity, contraception and STI’s.

The Challenge Instructions

For the Love of Water

Student’s nutrition knowledge will be tested in a lively game of Jeopardy that will cover education on the health benefits of water and adequate hydration and negative health implication of sugary beverages

For The Love of Water Instructions


You Have Health Insurance. Now What?

This presentation covers everything from what is a health insurance network to reading an insurance card, insurance terms to know and much more. Great for students but also for faculty and staff.

Beyond Your High School Sex Ed Class

This presentation goes beyond what you learned in your High School Sex Ed class. There is so much more that a sexually healthy student needs to know about the ‘The Birds and the Bees’. After this presentation, you will be able to apply sexual health education to your life and become a more sexually healthy and responsible person.

Because It Matters

A comprehensive sexual health training for student organizations and peer educators.

About Student Health

This informative presentation provides students, faculty and staff information about our location, access, services, providers, insurance, immunizations and much more. This is a great presentation to request for new students, student orgs, or faculty and staff groups who would like to be more educated about the services we provide.


Whether your group is interested in information about hydration, healthy eating on a budget, healthy eating on campus, sugary drinks and much more our Registered Dietitians can create a program that is just right for your group.

Request A Program

To request a Program or Presentation, email with the title and date of the program/presentation. You will receive an email confirmation when your request has been processed. If you are interested in a program or presentation that is not listed, email We are happy to work with you to create an individualized presentation that suits your groups needs.