Coronavirus testing only available for students exhibiting symptoms

We do not have an identified case of COVID-19 on campus. 

Current risk factors include travel to areas where there is sustained transmission or direct contact with a person who has a laboratory confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. COVID-19 illness consists of a fever and respiratory symptoms: cough and shortness of breath

NC State Student Health is prepared to see students who are possibly ill with COVID-19. If you have the symptoms and the risk factors listed above, you can make an appointment by calling 919.515.7107. Do not make an appointment online. Please let us know your risk factors immediately. The providers will see you and evaluate you for COVID-19 and determine what care is necessary and what, if any, testing needs to be performed in consultation with the health department. 

Testing is not performed on healthy people. If you do not have symptoms we can not screen you for exposure. 

There is no vaccine for COVID-19.

We do not provide medical clearance to attend classes. If you have traveled to a high risk area, you should self-quarantine for 14 days. Please see the guidance here for more information.