September 21, 2012

Risky Business: Alcohol and Sexual Assault on Campus

The majority of sexual assaults on campus involve alcohol consumption by either or both the victim and perpetrator, which puts female students at a much higher risk than the general population. While alcohol does not

May 31, 2010

Our Team

Primary Care Lydia Abair, AGPCNP-BC – Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Sarah Roberson, PA-C – Physician Assistant, Certified Helen Maureen Hession, FNP-BC – Family Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Carolyn Garrett-Piggott, M.D. – ¬†Board Certified Physician  

May 28, 2010

Fast Facts

History 1889 РMedical care first offered at NC State in Holladay Hall 1897- Infirmary housed in the Alumni  Building 1943 РInfirmary relocated in Clark Hall Infirmary 1947 РFirst permanent physician joined the