Diabetes Management and Education

Description of Services and Care Team

At Student Health Services, we strive to take a comprehensive approach to the management and care of your Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.  With a team of medical professionals including physicians, nurse practitioners, dietitians and pharmacists who all specialize in diabetes we are able assist our patients to take an individualized approach to your care.

Meet our Treatment Team:

Catherine Vinzani, FNP

Lauren Watkins Pharm.D, CPP, MBA

The Diabetes Treatment Team meets monthly to discuss patient care and stay up to date on the most recent research, trends, and treatment in diabetic care.

What is a CPP?

A Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner (CPP) in diabetes care is a pharmacist that has completed a diabetes certificate program and works under the leadership of a physician.  A diabetic patient can schedule their diabetic appointments with Dr. Watkins during her clinic hours.  Dr. Watkins will evaluate the patient’s current therapy and lab results.  If needed she can write prescriptions and order any necessary lab work.



Going to College with Diabetes Advocacy Guide