Allergy Clinic


Our Allergy Clinic provides a convenient location for the continuation of your allergy management and treatment for NC State students.

Services Provided

While we do not provide allergy testing at the Allergy Clinic, we will work with your allergist to continue your current treatment plan. If you suspect that you are suffering from allergy symptoms but are not currently seeing an allergist, a general medical provider at Student Health Services can refer you to a local allergist for evaluation and initiation of care. Students established with an allergist can receive their injections at our clinic.  The Allergy Clinic works with your allergist to ensure your current treatment plan is continued while you attend NC State University.

What You Will Need for Your First Visit

  • Have your Allergist read the Allergy Letter and complete the Physician Order for Allergy Immunotherapy and fax back to us at 888-972-4158.  Make sure you have received at least one injection at the Allergist’s office.
  • Make an appointment for your Initial Allergy Visit at Student Health Services by calling 919-515-2563.  You CANNOT make this online. You may not receive an allergy injection at SHS until the initial appointment is completed and required paperwork is received.
  • Complete your Health History Form prior to your initial visit.  This form can be found on the HealthyPack Portal.
  • Please review the Allergy Injection Program Participation Contract prior to receiving injection at the Student Health Services Allergy Clinic. If you agree to the terms of this contract, please print and sign your name at the bottom of the form. If you have questions about this contract, these terms will be reviewed during your first allergy clinic visit.

Bring the following to your initial allergy appointment:

  1. Allergy Serum
  2. Flowsheets and orders
  3. Your EpiPen, if required.  Make sure it is not expired.
  4. A current list of your medications with dosages.
  5. Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time for parking and check in.

Costs of Allergy Injections

There may be fees associated with allergy injections.  Please contact your health insurance provider to determine costs prior to your first appointment.  We can assist you in filing a claim with your insurance carrier.  Any charges not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the student.