Todd Davis Endowment

Todd’s Story

Todd Davis was born in Eden, NC and grew up in Wilson, NC in a loving, family-oriented home.  He had a passion for road and mountain biking and was a proud Eagle Scout.  His dream was to become an engineer, just like his father who graduated from NC State. Todd lived the life of any normal college student as he majored in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Environmental Engineering. Yet, what set Todd aside from the rest of his peers came when he was diagnosed with cancer in 1993.  After biking at times over 60 miles a day, Todd complained of back aches, fatigue and lack of appetite, soon to find out it was cancer located in his gastrointestinal system that was taking control. Todd’s determination never allowed him to be intimidated by the disease, despite multiple surgeries and intense chemotherapy.  In the middle of his college career, he continued to display a positive and goal-oriented attitude, studying and often completing work in his hospital bed.  

Already an inspiration to his family and those around him, Todd continued to battle for 15 months, completing assignments and exams in order to meet his goal of graduating from NC State.  In the end, he succeeded in doing so, but could not beat out the intensity of the sickness inside of him. On December 18th, 1994, Todd Davis passed away.  The Davis family received his diploma prior to his burial, securing that their son had met his goal. Though he never had the chance to begin his engineering career, Todd completed what he had set out to achieve.

Todd’s short life was filled with more purpose and perseverance than most accomplish in their entire lives.  

Endowment Fund Info

In recognition of their brother and son, Amy Timberlake and her parents, Henry and Sandy Davis created the Todd Davis Endowment Fund to financially support students undergoing treatment for cancer and encourage focus on health and healing during this challenging time. Each year an NC State student is selected to receive a scholarship from this endowment fund. The Todd Davis Endowment is the first of its kind at the university managed by Student Health Services to maintain the HIPAA privacy rule. 

Applications are now closed. 

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